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Gloria Mansfield
Master of Arts in Teaching E-6
Bachelor of Business Studies in Marketing
Former Director, Owner & Teacher
Over 20 years Experience in Early Childhood Education

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 Core Knowledge Area:
*****  WORKSHOP TOPICS  *****

1. When Wild Kids Show Up! Creating a Happy Classroom / 2.0 hrs Guidance & Discipline -  Do you have wild kids - children bouncing off the walls, aggressive, disruptive,  fussy and having fits too? Here's your chance to turn things around & learn refreshing effective ways to create a positive classroom environment. Learn how to develop a plan of procedures & rules that create a positive environment. Be pro-active & set-up fun learning activities that redirect behavior & encourage sharing, kindness, self-control...

2. Customer Service for Today's Parents - Millennials / 2.0 hrs Professional Development -  Today's parents are different & cannot be taken for granted!  Identify & understand your NEW CUSTOMERS - Millennial Parents.  Learn how to stay relevant among Millennial Parents as the business of child care changes. Learn the 10 Commandments of Great Customer Service, ways to stay relevant in today's marketplace, and  providing - "The WOW FACTOR." This workshop is a must for your bottom line to attract, enroll, retain & get referrals too. It's time to increase your enrollment with Great Customer Service for today's parents - Millennials.

3. School-Age Children / 2.0 hrs. In this mixed-age group of 5-12 years old kids, the classroom can be challenging. Learn how to effectively create a harmonious classroom that addresses each child individual needs. Understand the developmental milestones of ages 5-12 years old. Also, understand behavior expectations, improve classroom management & learn how to create fun school-age activities too.

4. Music Movement & More Music Exploration for All Ages/ 2.0 hrs.  This workshop identifies the importance of music in early childhood development - intellectual, social, and emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. Learn creative ways to add fun songs and dance into your daily curriculum!

5. Teaching Preschoolers 3's, 4's & 5 years old / 2.0 hrs. Preschoolers are curious about everything that they see and hear. Learn the social, emotional, & intellectual characteristics of preschool children. Understand how to create a preschool classroom that effectively stimulates opportunities for learning. Also, understand behavior expectations, classroom management & create new lesson plan activities too.

6. Jean Piaget's Theory of Child Development / 2.0 hrs Child Growth & Development  In this workshop, learn how Jean Piaget fundamentally altered the view of how a child learns and his influence in the world of early childhood education. Identify the stages of Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development for infants - adolescents. Understand the four stages of Piaget's Theory: sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal operational period. Based on Piaget's research, sharpen your knowledge of how children's ways of thinking develop as they interacted with the world around them.

7. Let's Talk  About POSITIVE GUIDANCE & POSITIVE DISCIPLINE / 2.0 hrs   Guidance & Discipline -Sometimes teachers can be impatient with children or even have a harsh tone of voice. Are your teachers getting too comfortable? Let's examine what could be potentially at-risk or non-compliant regarding discipline, communication, interaction and /or guidance.  It's time for a staff make-over from negative to POSITIVE!  Understand Licensing's interpretation of positive communication, positive guidance, positive discipline, and positive interaction! This workshop brings attention and correction to what is acceptable.

8. Math for All Ages / 2.0 hrs Planning Developmental Activities -   Learn how to teach math to young children as early as infants, toddlers, preschoolers & older kids. This workshop helps you think outside the box to create fundamental math concepts through engaging hands-on activities & math games. In addition, participants will make & take Math File Folder Games & more...

9. Toddler Classroom / 2.0 hrs  This workshop covers 2 topics: When Toddlers Bite & Teaching Toddlers  1.) Learn why young children bite, ways to be pro-active vs. re-active preventing biting, effectively managing the classroom, responding professionally, and how to communicate to parents. 2.) Teaching Toddlers - learn developmentally age-appropriate activities to maximize toddler's potential & classroom management skills.

10. STEM/ STEAM- Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics / 2.0 hrs Planning Development Activities -  Are you teaching the latest & most requested program - STEM / STEAM? Bringing STEM / STEAM into the classroom doesn't have to be intimidating! Learn how to teach STEM / STEAM & plan developmental activities - helping children to explore, observe, ask questions, predict, and integrate their learning developing critical thinkers.

11. Teaching Kindness, Respect, Patience, Sharing, Compassion, Self-Control...  / 2.0 hrs Guidance & Character Education
Building kind citizens it is an important goal of both teachers and parents. Studies show that kind people are not only happier, they are healthier. In this workshop learn how to integrate kindness, respect, patience, self-control... into routine and create character education activities.

12. Race & Diversity / Creating a Multicultural Enrichment Classroom / 2.0 hrs Cultural Diversity -   We live in a world rich in diversity, with a combination of many different cultures.  Today’s teachers are responsible for creating classrooms environments that are culturally rich, and respectful of the diversity among students.  In doing so, a foundation is laid for all learners to develop an understanding and respect for themselves and others in our diverse world.    Enrich your classroom with fun global activities & multicultural materials that embrace diversity. Discover how to integrate diversity & multicultural subjects into your daily learning environment .

13. Create Stimulating & Engaging Learning Centers! / 2.0 hrs    Age Appropriate Curriculum  -   Discover how to build your lesson plan theme into stimulating learning center activities that include math, science, blocks, dramatic play, reading, art... & more. Learn how to integrate other subjects into your existing curriculum & enhance your learning centers.

14. Fostering Interactions in the Classroom / 2.0 hrs Teacher/Child Interaction -  Learn ways to improve teacher-child interactions creating an emotionally supportive classroom environment. Learn how to connect and interact with each child in the classroom.

15. Supervision - Effective Classroom Management / 2.0 hrs   Supervision - This is a must for all staff to know what it takes to effectively supervise & manage their classrooms. In this workshop staff will review licensing requirements, supervisory procedures and effective classroom management skills.

16. Teachers are Leaders / 2.0 hrs  Professional Development -  Feel "burn-out" or maybe in a rut... need to be recharged? Motivating and inspiring... This workshop helps teachers understand they are role models holding the key to a child's success! Discover how to become an influential teacher making a difference and learn the qualities of a great teacher. Attitude is everything - Teachers are Leaders - LET'S GET RE-CHARGED! Refreshing the joy of teaching!

17. Child Growth & Developmental Stages / 2.0 hrs Child Growth & Development -  Learn about the growth & developmental stages of infants, toddlers, twos, preschoolers, and school-aged children. Identify developmental milestones and potential developmental red flags.

18Motivating Staff - Let's Work Together, Building a Great Team! / 2.0 hrs Professional Development - Bring the staff together & experience fun effective ways to bridge the gap of differences, personalities, skills... creating a professional positive workplace - BUILDING TEAMWORK!

19. Children Learn Through Play / 2.0 hrs Observations & Assessment - Did you know there are 10 types of play that enhance how children learn basic skills? In this workshop learn the 10 different types of play for infants - schoolers. Discover how to integrate the different types of play into your existing curriculum & enhance children's learning experience.

20. Teaching to Learning Styles in the Classroom / 2.0 hrs  Planning Development Activities - Visual, auditory, and physical - learn what those different learning styles are and discover yours too. Understand the importance and ways to teach children based on their different learning styles.

21. Outdoor Classroom - Outdoor Activities for All Ages / 2.0 hrs Planning Development Activities - Enhance your overall classroom experience and create an outdoor classroom.  It's trending and studies show when children have outdoor classroom opportunities it make learning more engaging, reduces behavior problems, nurtures creativity and imagination...  In this workshop topic learn how to setup outdoor learning centers that includes - block center, dramatic play, science, art center... The weather is nice - so let's take the classroom outside!

22. Early Childhood Guidance & Discipline Strategies / 2.0 hrs  Guidance & Discipline - Learn how to use positive discipline & guidance strategies making it possible for you to meet the needs of individual children. You will be able to choose the most effective strategy in a variety of discipline encounters.

23. Special Needs, SIDS & Shaken Baby / 2.0 hrs - Learn how to provide care for special needs children. Plus, understand & prevent SIDS & Shaken Baby.

24. Child Abuse & Neglect / 2.0 hrs - Recognizing Child Abuse & Neglect This is a must for all staff to know what to look for and determine child abuse and neglect.

25. Minimum Standards / 2.0 hrs - Understanding Minimum Standards This is a must for all staff to know and understand minimum standards and how they apply.

26. Early Literacy for All Ages / 2.0 hrs Age-Appropriate Curriculum - Learn fun ways to teach early literacy to preschoolers, toddlers and even infants too! Discover how to use puppets, storytelling, finger plays, word games... Create an age-appropriate literacy program in all of your classrooms.

27Dealing With Difficult People / 2.0 hrs Professional Development - Learn how to effectively deal with negative or difficult parents and improve communication with co-workers.

28. Science Activities for All Ages / 2.0 hrs Planning Developmental Activities -   Let's have a science fair workshop making & creating science projects! Learn fun engaging science activities that toddlers, preschoolers, and schoolers will have a BLAST investigating the hows and whys.... (additional $25.00 supply fee)

29 Shoestring Budget - Let' Make & Take / 2.0 hrs Planning Developmental Activities -   Here’s your opportunity to make your own character-based games & activities encouraging sharing, helping, kindness, self-control... Participants will make & take their own file folders games, puppets, games, activities... YOU bring a large coffee can & a white ankle sock - we provide all the supplies to make the projects. (Additional $20.00 supply fee)

30. Partnering With Parents / 2.0 hrs Professional Development / Family & Community Relationships -  How many times have you heard this before? "Well... they don't do that at home." The truth is, for many moms & dads, parenting can be overwhelming & embarrassing too. In this workshop learn how to effectively partner with parents for success at home & school, build a positive parent/teacher relationship, and make a positive impact in the child's social development too.

31. Attachment & Responsive Care / 2.0 hrs Attachment & Responsive Care - Have you noticed children are becoming easily frustrated, give up on things to quickly, and lack good problem solving skills? Society is changing and the emotional needs of young children are often ignored. In the workshop learn what is attachment and responsive care giving and why it is vitally important in a child's early relationships. How to identify the signals and be responsive to the needs of the children in your care. Ways to create everyday routines to promote secure attachments

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